Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Parcels

Would you be happy to receive one of these?

I have just finished popping together a few little treat bags for some colleagues for tomorrow, before we separate for the Easter long weekend. It is almost midnight here.

Talk about last minute :)

Hopefully, you are more organised than I am and have already started to prepare your little parcels, baskets, egg hunts, cards, and other wee little treats you have planned for this festive occasion.

I got this idea from Tara Dennis's Easter page. She has a number of really cute and relatively frugal ideas for gifting during the Easter season. I saw her little "Bunny Bags", and thought that it seemed like just the thing for me. Of course, I never follow recipes or instructions to the letter, so added my own little spin on it.

First of all, you need to get your tools and bits-and-bobs together...

For the parcels:
Decorative paper
Cellophane bags

For the tags:
Black card (pre-cut into tags shape of your choice)
Hole punch
White-out pen to write name
Cotton/twine/ribbon to tie tag

Once you're organised, measure the size of your cellophane bags and cut out squares/rectangles of paper large enough to fold around the bag. I folded mine in half and glued the sides together to make little pouches - think envelope without the flap.

Next, you'll want to get your sweets ready. Because I'm making about 10 of these in total - some for work and a few for close friends, I wanted the portions to be even. I divided my sweets into 10 cups to make sure everything was correct, and so that eggs didn't go rolling about all over the place.

Once I was happy with portions, I placed one of the cellophane bags inside my paper parcel.

Fold the open edges inside - staple the cellophane bag closed if needed, and punch with a single hole punch. To make sure the contents don't go spilling out, make sure you pierce the cellophane bag as well as both sides of the paper wrapping.

Thread with cotton/twine/ribbon and tag, and you're done!

Oh yes - but make sure you label your tags first. It might be a bit tricky once you've already tied it to your little pressie :)

And the lovely thing is that you can apply this principal to gift wrapping for any occasion. I just love these little tags and use them everywhere. Take a look at what I've used them for in the past :)

Well, given that the clock is just ticking over to midnight now, I'd say I'm done! I've got a few posts planned for the weekend; we've been very busy at home these last couple of weeks and I've got quite a few things that I'm eager to share with you! :)

Have a wonderful Easter, but most of all stay safe and enjoy the time with your family and loved once.

You never know when you might be enjoying precious time with someone dear for the last time.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Loyalty and Love

I have been really sick the last few days with a viral infection. This has left me feeling pretty yucky, and I've had all the charming symptoms of being sick - loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, headaches, and running back and forth to the loo. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy. I spent most of my time in bed napping, trying to get rid of a constant headache, and trying to relax with some Frasier.

Everywhere I went, I was accompanied by my true and constant furbabies. Sleeping at my feet, curled up near my tummy, or just trying to squash me in general :)

Aren't they just precious?

And such good friends...

I love our little furbabies :)