Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our greatest blessing

It is with the greatest humility, love and pride that we welcomed our first child into the world on 3 May 2013 - our darling little Harrison. Born at 5:35 am, weighing 3.1 kg (6.8 lb) and 51 cm long.

He has changed our lives in ways I cannot yet put into words. He is so precious, so beautiful, and I am still in awe that he is all mine. This is such a beautiful and incredible journey, and I learn so much about him, and myself, every day that he is with me.

I have heard people speak these words many a time without fully understanding their gravity. What can I say, other than it is an awesome force. You do not love your children - you fall in love with them, and they change you forever.

As I navigate motherhood with my precious boy and continue to build the life that my husband and I are still building for ourselves, I wanted to share this journey with the world. Like so many parents, I am immensely proud of this beautiful little human who learns and discovers life at an incredible rate, and awestruck that we are so blessed to have been given this opportunity; not to mention a completely happy and healthy baby.

With love and light,

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