Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Death by a thousand squares...

So I recently got it into my head that I'd like to make a quilt. You know, because I just don't have enough going on in my life at the moment and I needed a new project. However, despite the worried glances and comments I'm receiving from family and friends, I'm finding the whole things quite therapeutic. I think I'll even be sad when it's all finished... It's nice to be working towards something beautiful.

I gathered my inspiration from a beautiful vintage quilt that I saw on eBay, whilst trawling for more French-shabby-chic inspiration. It was a chequered pattern of white and rose fabric, with wee little hearts cut from the rose fabric and appliqu├ęd onto the white. After seeing so many over-the-top quilts, complicated designs, and ones that looked like they were just trying to use every colour that they could, I found this simple design a fresh of breath air. What's more - it had a beautifully romantic twist to it; it was love :)

So I set out to Lincraft and bought myself a 2.2m x 2.5m piece of batting (for a queen sized quilt), some white cotton poly-pop, and a beautiful cotton fabric with a pink floral print on soft beige. I also wanted the vintage appeal, so I purchased several metres of lace trim for the edging. Wanting to be practical in planning for my first quilt, I thought it out - 10cm x 10cm made sense, as everything should measure up evenly and it's not a complicated number to work with. So I started cutting...

Then I did the math.

I will be cutting and sewing 550 squares, and 275 little hearts.


A couple of days into the project however, and I'm not really minding so much. I'm a rather quick sewer, so I think I'll have it done by the end of the week. In the meantime, here's what it looked like after day one - bearing in mind that I also had to wash, dry, and iron the fabric before I could start measuring, cutting, ironing hearts, sewing hearts, assembling squares, ironing some more... Good Lord.

Oh - forgot to mention the best part :)

For once, I wasn't going to show Troy what I was doing... I wanted to see how long it would take him to get curious and take a peak, even though I was desperately curious to see if he liked it (he's always worried that I'll make the house too feminine). He saw it folded on the dining table; he loves it, and showered me with compliments.

I love him to pieces :)

54 down. 496 to go...

So... Nighty night all :)


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