Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Beginning...

This is very exciting, as I have wanted to create an online blog for the longest time. This blog will be about the many adventures that My husband and I embark on together (both dull and exciting).

My husband and I have recently been hit with a very tragic and traumatic time in our lives, and two and a half months on we are still reeling in the loss of my beautiful mother. Vivi (my Bobby) was the dearest person in my life for just short of 26 years, and in some ways was nearer and dearer to me than even my husband. Now do not take this as a suggestion that Troy and I are not close - as anyone who knows us well will tell you that we are one of the closest, loving and tender couples that they know. My mother and I simply shared an incredible bond brought about by much pain, struggle, terror and heartache. Sadly, even I could not save her from an early departure, but I take solace knowing that she is finally free of all the pain, hurt and madness that this world can sometimes inflict on the living.

I have always been a big believer that there is beauty in everything; the trick is to go looking for it even when you think it is not there. After inheriting many of my beautiful Bobby's treasures we have had to re-consider our interior decorating style to accommodate all of these beautiful vintage pieces of hers. Thus, begin our new set of "adventures" together, and this Blog :)

I hope you all enjoy reading on, and find adventure of your own when presented with life's many hurdles and storms.

With love,

PS. My husband and I have always held an appreciation for things vintage, retro, Victorian, and even items "Steam-punk". Thus, Clockwork Lavender was born.

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