Saturday, February 25, 2012

A weekend of finishing

So it is official... I am halfway through my giant quilting project! 275 squares done, and 275 to go. It's already looking beautiful... And it's very cosy to boot.

I'm also pleased to announce, that one chair has finished its transition from black to white, one is almost finished, and two more are waiting to be painted. It's taking so long to spray each annoying side of each piece, I confess myself quickly losing interest in this undertaking. Then I look back at my already finished chair, which keeps moving between my bedside table and dining table, depending on whether I'm on the laptop or sewing (I am refusing to sit on anything else) and I realise it's worth the hassle. That being said, I'm still closely watching two identical chairs currently selling on eBay for $0.99 which someone has already painted white... If I can fast-track it, I will!

I'm also really excited about finding a place for one of mum's beautiful prints... These five ladies always hung above mum's bed, and that's exactly where they are now. At the moment, they're looking gorgeous next to our blue toile doona set, which is setting off a very romantic vibe in the bedroom. We're still working on a lot of stuff in there at the moment (coupled with the mountains of stuff we're still sorting), but it's the small things that are making me smile, and this is certainly one of them.

I'm still stuck on where to put this one. Although you can't see it from the photo, the frame is just gorgeous, as is the glass casing which is actually concave; very unusual! So for now it's just sitting next to the bed, and I'm smiling at it every day. Mum loved this one so much because it reminded her of her own mum... She said it was her mum's spitting image as she remembered her when she was younger, and that she had a beautifully large coloured bird not unlike the parrot in the image. Mum loved it, so naturally I do too.

The last little thing I've finished is this cute little knitted hedgehog that I made up from one of Ysolda's patterns... One of Bisou's colleagues has recently had a son, and the dad is a big West Tigers fan. He specifically asked me to trot out one of my usually cute little knitted toys, but with the afore mentioned team's colours. Thankfully, orange and black look cute on a hedgehog :)

Well, that was quite a weekend for me, so I'm going to take a much deserved rest! I'm sure I'll have more to share through the week :)

Love love,

PS. Thank you to my Bisou for photographing me on the bed with the quilt, looking so ridiculous... I love you.

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