Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baking success

Just a quick one today... I finally got around to making Troy his "Ginger Dean Men" las night, and they came up a treat. Icing was a bit tedious, but it paid off if you took your time...

Homemade lemonade was a huge success too! My Bisou has declared that it's the best lemonade he has ever tasted, and he's happy to have that as his "sweet treat" instead of the store-bought lemonade. Yay for success! I also tried making my hot variation of the lemonade from the syrup, and it's just as tasty... About 3 capfulls of the syrup, a teaspoon of ginger past and a dusting of mixed spice, and you have one warm and revitalising drink. I plan on drinking this all through autumn and winter to keep those nasty colds and sniffles at bay - I'll let you know if it works.

PS. Maxine and John - if you're reading this, I'll bring a bottle down for you this weekend, just incase your throat is still a bit sore :)

Love love,

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  1. oh this ginger dean man is soooo cute and adorable;)
    love and kiss,mary