Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to say "I'm Sorry..."

We live in a pretty normal house. Well, as normal as can be expected in the midst of our "current situation". Those of you who know me personally know that this is the toughest time I am ever going to have to experience in my life. Ever. Somehow, some way, this lovely little blog has helped me more than I can say... I'm not sure I know why. It's as if I'm able to say all the little things I need to. I can share all the funny little things that make me smile and happy. It's helping me to remember what is positive in my life, what to work towards, and what to live for.

It's silly to think that I would even need reminding, but it's been tough lately,

Anyway, as I was saying - we live in a normal house, and we're a very happy and contented married couple. In fact, I like to think that we're happier than most. We have such wonderful communication and an openness with each other, that others have found baffling. We fit together in such a way it's like sticking two complex puzzle pieces together that only have one correct pair. Even though things are slowly starting to settle down though (I really should have bolded and italicised s-l-o-w-l-y), tempers still fly high from time to time, and they are flying more often than they usually would. We're both worn out, we're both sick of it all, and we've had enough of everything in general.

But it's during these very tough times that I'm reminded of the gem of a man that I somehow managed to have in my life, and why I feel so blessed to have him. He has a direct and unimpeded line to my heart. When I think I'm going to have a complete breakdown and I feel I'm ready to thrust a knife into his aorta and twist it violently (graphic much?) he will do or say something so completely "Troy" that the anger will almost instantly dissipate and I want nothing more than to melt into his arms again. Oh yes, and I completely abandon that notion about the knife :)

Who else would say sorry on a cupcake or two?

Or with chocolates and beautiful flowers - boring on their own - so accompanied by that beautiful IKEA cake stand that you've been eying off for a while. Although you can't see it very well, he's actually written "S:(rry XOXO" on the cake dome).

My husband is beautiful. He has the gentlest soul of anyone that I know of. His temper can flare up as high as mine can, but he will almost always be the one to apologise first. He is tender and kind, caring and gentle. We need each other equally, and we express that readily to each other. He makes me laugh when no-one else can. He reads me like an open book, even when I try to hide things from him. I absolutely could not have survived these last three months without him by my side, and I am so thankful for him each day of my life.

My beautiful, wonderful Bisou. I am so sorry these last three months have been hard on you two. I am trying so hard not to lose it, really I am. I see how hard you are trying too. I think that if we keep doing this for each other, then we will be okay. Love is always forgiving, kindness, and gentility. With a love as deep and strong as ours, I know we will be okay.

I will never stop trying for you.

Your one true love,

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  1. oh what a sweet post darling, i don´t know what you are going through but i do believe in the power of love and that it can heal and resolve everything!