Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tag dag :)

Just a quick one... I've recently stumbled onto the CUTEST way of labelling my food items in the kitchen, and also for writing out gift tags for friends. It's kinda amazing, and cheap as chips!

You need...
1 black card stock (about 250 gsm) from a newsagent
1 roll of twine from a hardware/dollar store (or wherever you get your twine from!)
1 piece of chalk OR a whiteout pen

And you get...

Instant cuteness. I am totally going to go nuts and re-label everything in my kitchen and bathroom with these...

It's also awesome to use as a gift tags for presents. Just grab some old newspaper or butchers paper, a little bit of twine and some fresh or dried flowers, and you have yourself a masterpiece. I used lavender because it was my mum's flower, and these gifts were for two very special and very close family friends :)

My pressies were such a hit, along with the bottle of lemon syrup (pictured above) that not only did they not want to open my presents (I did of course protest), but my lemon syrup received high kudos - I added a touch of manuka honey into it this time for some added natural goodness, and also because it meant less "actual" sugar too!

Hope you enjoyed :)


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